Himegami Collection is a profitable full-voice NFT card game.

In addition to collecting Holy Maidens , you can also do a variety of things,

including level-up, Rare challenge, S-rare challenge, staking, and entry to the market.



The present being threatened by the Goblin’s pranks.

The user can exert God’s power on the Holy Maidens by consciousness.

Girls with the power of God are called “Himegami’s Maidens”

and fight off Goblins with the power of Kagura.


Sagiri Honoka


An ordinary girl with the power of Himegami. She is bright and peace-loving.

She is trained since elementary school to become a Holy Maiden. Her talent blossomed in battles. In fact, she is a descendant of Himegami Chiyo is her friend in the Holy Maiden’s Association.

Kutsuna Hiyori


A city girl who has moved to a rural town for the convenience of his parents. I hate living in the countryside.

She was a Holy Maiden, she started exterminating Goblins because it looks so cool. She is a very sensitive girl, that’s why she cares about what others think of her. Her bright, bullish and extrovert personality is actually acting to not to show her weaknesses to her opponent.

Toyonaga Mitsuki


She was chosen because of her suitability with Himegami. At first, it was thought that her health was too weak to defeat Goblin, but her condition is improving due to the summoning of the Gods.

Mizuki always tries to complete Himekami’s tasks with the belief that [you can do it, as long as you try your best] She became a Holy Maiden due to her childhood dream of becoming a wizard. With a girly and kiddy appearance, she is a true otaku, often staying at home watching anime and reading manga because sick.


Height:140→169 cm
Weight:38→52 kg

A fox who has been enshrined in a shrine where Honaka lives for a very long time. She was a special half-blood, born between a God and a Maiden.

Usually, in form of a little girl, but when she becomes Himegami, she transforms into an adult. The Holy Maiden’s Association also recognizes her existence in particular. Perhaps because of her long life, her temperament is sociable. She always wanted to be loved by her neighbors. Usually dressed as a cat and take care of Honoka like her younger sister.

Ishiguro Chiyo

Height:154 cm
Weight:46 kg

A cold girl. Born into a respectable Himegami family,

Since childhood,she was taught extremely strictly and hardly contact with the outside world. As a result, she becomes an innocent girl who didn’t know how to communicate with people, which caused her a lot of troubles.


Himegami Collection is a game what you can collect

and strengthen cards to enjoy staking and trading in the market.

Let’s get the card!

You can get a card by purchasing

it in a pack or trading it in the market.

Also, there are 5 cards per pack.

Strengthen the card you have in your hand!

If you have 2 exactly the same cards,

you can combine them to upgrade until Rare Level.

You also can increase the rarity level by taking the Challenge.

* There are three types of rarity: N, R and SR.

* SR can only be obtained by 1 special method”

Let’s get paid for the stake!

Staking is a function of Himegami Collection readers.

The player will be get remuneration by staking the card.




If you use Shinobi Wallet (this wallet developed by us),

you can play more comfortably.